Our Story

Ethically Produced

Our shoes are handmade in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. SAYULADA believes in upholding the values of Fair Trade and supporting local craftsmanship.  We purchase our shoes directly from artisans that have made the same commitment to the values and moral standards that we believe in. We don't consider our artisans just suppliers - they're our friends.

Sustainably Sourced

As a company, we know that everyone has to do their part when it comes to sustainability. We have made it our obligation, to being as eco-friendly whenever possible. Our goal is to provide sustainable products that don't damage our environment. We use natural dyes and leather softening techniques to give you an incredibly comfortable and forming fit. 

Handmade in Mexico

We try to keep the authenticity of the traditional Huarache while occasionally blending in some modern trends and flair. SAYULADA was created so that we could not only share our love for these shoes, but also our passion for other artisanal goods from across the globe.

We look forward to exploring with you.